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Synthesis on 250 ml-scale
Synthesis on 250 ml-scale

Synthesis on 10 L-scale
Synthesis on 10 L-scale

Synthesis on 30 L-scale
Synthesis on 30 L-scale

Synthesis laboratories (gram lab and kilo lab)


While, in the gram lab, we start with reaction vessels on an mL scale going up to 10-litre reactors, the reactors that we use in the kilo lab can accommodate volumes of up to 70 litres.

Depending on the process requirements, we routinely use glass or stainless steel reactors that can be operated under protective gas.

For pressure reactions we use a range of stainless steel autoclaves that cover the ranges of 100 bar / 300°C / 7 L and 10 bar / 250°C / 30 L.


For preparatory work and depending on the scale, we either use our gram lab or the kilo lab. Apart from the standardised processes we routinely conduct the following work, particularly

  • syntheses under anhydrous and inert gas conditions
  • syntheses involving highly toxic educts or products (e.g. cyanide including cyanic hydrogen acid, phosphines)
  • syntheses involving pyrophoric educts or products (e.g. alcylemetal compounds, phosphines)
  • syntheses with highly reactive, toxic, inflammable or pyrophoric gases (z. B. chlorine, hydrogen chloride, ammoniac, nitrogen oxide, phosgene, carbon monoxide, acetylene, phosphine)
  • syntheses under pressure

also under inert conditions.

Preparation, purification:

For the preparation and purification of the obtained products, we use standardised procedures (crystallisation, filtration, extraction, distillation, flash chromatography) as well as the following techniques:

  • rectification (automated if required)
  • falling film evaporation
  • film evaporation
  • preparatory MPLC
  • lyophilisation
1L autoclave 30L autoclav Thin-layer-evaporation on kg-scale
1L autoclave 30L autoclave Thin-layer-evaporation on kg-scale