Laborsynthesen GmbH

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Services on offer

Since 1996 VeZerf Laborsynthesen has been offering its customers a wide range of services in the field of chemical custom synthesis at laboratory as well as kilo-lab scale.

Customers can either make us follow the specifications provided by them (changing scale size wherever necessary) or enquire about substances or research projects without giving us synthetic details. Based on our comprehensive know-how gathered over 17 years combined with an extensive research of the currently available findings and the use of all modern data bases, we submit and cost out some non-binding proposals to realise the projects in question, in particular those that require complex preparation.

We routinely treat all information provided by the customer in this context with the strictest confidence. It goes without saying that, upon request, we are also prepared to sign a customer-defined NDA agreement.

Due to flexible structures, our synthesis laboratories are in a position to respond swiftly to individual customer requirements regarding equipment and preparation.

Each customer is assigned a member of staff who works on his specific project and maintains intensive contact with him. The customer can, at any time during the cooperation process, turn to that person to ask for information on and discuss the current state of the project.

We use a range of meaningful, state-of-the-art analysis methods to conduct process control measures and ensure the quality of our products.

The batch history of all materials supplied by us is documented in detail. In conjunction with a batch-specific labelling of all outgoing goods, we can - even years later - retrace the entire production process.

We are happy to comply with individual customer wishes concerning documentation or analysis after mutual consultation.

The first quotation as well as initial research work is generally provided free of charge. Please do not hesitate to approach us with any enquiries.