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GC/MS equipment
GC/MS equipment

HPLC/MS equipment
HPLC/MS equipment

GC/FID equipment
GC/FID equipment


Our analysis department performs state-of-the-art analytical procedures that are used for process control, procedural evaluation and quality assurance.

To this end it combines and develops project-specific analysis methods such as

  • DC
  • GC/FID
  • NMR
  • IR, UV, polarimetry, refraction, melting point determination

in order to arrive at a meaningful analysis of a process or an end product. Here we benefit greatly from the department's years of experience in method development, in particular concerning sensitive assays, with the help of which complex reaction processes can be observed within a reasonable time frame.

The analysis department produces lot-specific batch analyses for all outgoing goods, which informs the customer of the identity and purity of the compound.